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The Shoulder SIG is thrilled to announce this webinar in collaboration with the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists. Management of massive rotator cuff tears is a technically challenging problem in orthopedic surgery. Poor tissue quality, tendon retraction, muscular atrophy, and scarring all contribute to poor healing and a high rate of recurrence. Meta-analyses show the overall re-tear rate of all rotator cuff repairs is ~26%; however, when massive repairs are isolated, some studies report up to a 91% non-healing rate. Although these injuries are often associated with the normal wear and tear that goes along with aging, athletes are also especially vulnerable to these tears, particularly tennis players and baseball pitchers. Several studies have shown that despite many repairs not healing, clinical outcomes are still good, and treatment should be guided by patient- and injury-specific factors. This webinar will also include an extensive Q&A with Dr. John Kelly.

Program Speaker

John D. Kelly IV, MD

Dr. Kelly attended Columbia University in New York where he received the Class of ’19 Football cup to the varsity football player with the highest academic average. Aserious knee injury prompted him to more reverently pursue a vocation in medicine. He graduated with Honors at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where he received the Swain Award for ‘easing the burden of fellow students’ and the CIBA award for patient communication skills. He received his Orthopedic Training at the University of Pennsylvania and completed a Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Temple University where he remained as a faculty member for 19 years. He returned to Penn in 2008 where he serves as Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Director of Shoulder Sports Med. He also is Director of the Throwing Clinic at Penn. His clinical and research interests include disorders of the shoulder, arthritis prevention, diabetes and ‘holistic orthopedics’. He has a profound interest in physician leadership development, well-being and he lectures and has written extensively on matters of wellness and personal balance. He also is a standup comedian and has appeared on ‘Oprah Radio’ and at the Keswick theatre.

Dr. Kelly has served various leadership positions including President of Penn Ortho Society, President of Eastern Ortho Assoc., Board of Trustees Arthroscopy Journal, Board of Directors AANA, Secretary of AANA and Chair of the Ortho Learning Center for AANAHe has received numerous awards for both teaching and clinical excellence.He serves as adjunct faculty in the McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton. 

Dr. Kelly has been married to the love of his life, Marie S. Kelly for 33 years and are the proud parents of twin daughters Mary and Ann Marie.

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